Ox wagons and raising the flag in Patagonia in the 1890s

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned how I had met my long lost second cousins and how we started talking about family history. I followed this up by digging up a memoir by my great aunt Della who died about 20 years ago. She grew up in Punta Arenas in Chile and described life there in the 1890s in vivid detail.

I transcribed the South America section of her memoir and Duncan Campbell at the Patbrit (British Presence in Southern Patagonia) website has been extremely helpful and has uploaded it together with two letters that my grandfather Claude (Della’s brother) wrote from Punta Arenas aged about nine.

I have just talked to another distant relative who lives in Paris and who knows quite a lot about the family, she is coming to London next month, so I may have more to report then…