No Jehovah’s Witnesses

I was amused by this sign on a door round the corner from where I live in Hackney, north London. I wonder how much effect it has. Of course, it’s highly discriminatory, why do they single out Jehovah’s Witnesses and welcome Seventh Day Adventists, Mormons and other religious freaks on their doorstep?
No Jehovah's WitnessesAnd here’s another non-JW-friendly household I found just a few minutes’ walk away…

Stamford Road, N1

Stamford Road, N1


Eastern Curve

Eastern curve, originally uploaded by mtrank.

I took this photo in a disused factory now used as a car park in Dalston, Hackney, London E8. I like the blue and yellow Swedish-style colours and the shadows from the roof bars. The rest of the factory is covered in the usual cartoon-style graffiti, but well painted.

The factory is at the beginning of the so-called Eastern Curve which was until the 1980s a railway spur joining the North London Line with the now closed Broad Street line (which is to become part of the new East London Line). The Eastern Curve is supposed to be redeveloped into a green pedestrian walkway flanked by shops and homes, but who knows if this will ever happen – or how green it will be.

There are more of my Dalston Curve pix here. My Flickr photostream with more photos of Hackney, bad spelling, apostrophe’s, Chinglish, etc is here.

Dalston Curve nerds may possibly be interested in this 1989 invoice from Thames Auto, a large car repair company who were the last occupants of the factory. But this is strictly for nerds only. We had our car repaired there once and still have the invoice, somewhat amazingly. The car, however, hasn’t survived.

Thames Auto invoice