Amazingly stupid advertisement

Mineral water for moronsAdvertisements are pretty stupid almost by definition, but this is one of the stupidest. I mean, “Enhanced hydration for the uninhibited”!!!! It’s some kind of flavoured mineral water for affluent people who definitely don’t need extra vitamins. And why is it “for the uninhibited”?

It’s for sad people who feel the need to affirm their identity through their soft drinks. Idiotic.

But it’s further proof that the recession is extremely patchy and there are vast numbers of people whom it hasn’t hit at all, or a company wouldn’t be launching such a product at this time. Which isn’t to say that there aren’t also plenty of people aren’t losing their jobs and are having a very hard time, they just aren’t the target demographic for this particular product.

The advert is unmissable at the Old Street roundabout, London N1 if you want to go and throw rotten eggs at it …


Unfortunate timing for Mexicana advert

What unfortunate timing, the Guardian today has an advert for the Mexican airline Mexicana. “Visit Mexico and make business a pleasure.”
Well, I bet their planes aren’t crowded and you may even get an upgrade if you ask nicely.