Recession, what recession?

Recession, what recession?

I was amazed by the number of people having breakfast in cafes on a sunny Sunday morning in Islington. The credit crunch clearly hasn’t affected vast numbers of middle class Londoners at all so far at least.

Personally I can think of a better place to enjoy a coffee and croissant than on the trottoirs of the Essex Road or even the distinctly chiquer Upper Street, but chacun à son goût, I suppose. And people were queuing to buy so-called mineral water at £1.50 a bottle at the Screen on the Green.

How do you spell “chiquer” by the way? There is definitely such a word in the sense that it sounds fine in the context, but no matter how you spell it, it looks wrong. “Milometer” is another word that always looks wrong. Sometimes I spell it “mileometer” (I translate such words for a living) but that looks even worse if anything as it looks like it is pronounced “miley-ometer”. Americans escape the quandary by saying “odometer”.


1 thought on “Recession, what recession?

  1. [the recession is an odd thing, I work in a camera shop and although there is an economic recession going on people still come in day in and day out and buying things they don’t essentially need and in sometimes don’t really want but feel they must have, oh well]

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