To die in Patagonia

A few days ago I went to meet my second cousins, one of whom I see every 10 to 20 years (this was only the third time I have met her in my adult life) and the other I had never met (except as a baby I believe).

We talked mainly about family history, and among the things that came up were the fact that my grandfather – their uncle – had a sister who died as a baby when her parents were living in Punta Arenas, at the southern tip of Chile. Incidentally I have long been aware of a distant Argentine connection but hardly at all of a Chilean one.

Anyhow, I looked up the names of my great grandparents on a well known search engine, and found to my amazement that their baby daughter is mentioned in a website devoted to The British Presence in Southern Patagonia. It features a list of all the British people buried in the municipal cemetery in Punta Arenas, including Mina Jacobs, born 11-IX-1895, died aged 4m + 24d and there is even a photograph of her grave. She had three brothers and one sister; her brother Claude was my grandfather.

By a strange coincidence a colleague at work visited the cemetery a few weeks ago on a walking tour of Patagonia. She said it is very beautiful and one of the main sights of Punta Arenas (not the most attractive city in the world, I gather).


One thought on “To die in Patagonia

  1. Cecil Jacobs was my grandfather , “Della” and Claude were my great-Aunt and great-Uncle.
    My Dad (John Howard(Rose Howard] Jacobs came to California in 1949 on one of Uncle Claude’s ships , we (mother , sister and I ) followed in 1950 on a Royal Mail ship.

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