What is a non-digital camera called?

What is a non-digital camera called? I’ve never had to refer to one but there must be a name for those things that used film in the pre-digital age before around 2003. “Analogue camera” possibly, but it doesn’t seem right somehow, and “film camera” is ambiguous, could refer to a movie camera. There must be a name out there but I have no idea what they are called.


10 thoughts on “What is a non-digital camera called?

  1. Michael

    I used to call my camera a 35mm camera and before that the maker’s name was common e.g. Kodak brownie. As an aside what do people do with their old still working cameras? We have several!!

    I don’t think anything was referred to as analogue much until digital came into effect.


    the page asks what a non-digital camera is called, but in the end YOU DONT EVEN KNOW !

  3. I’ve always referred my to my film cameras as analogue, but I was just reading a book that used the same word in what I thought was a strange way. As in turkey bologna was an analogue to real bologna. I looked it up in the dictionary and it means “like something else”? How on earth does this apply to non-digital cameras?
    Anyway, does anyone have an analogue Maymia or Hasselblad they’d like to unload? I loved the darkroom and did some hand coloring of b&w and sepia photos. It seems like cheating to push the sepia button on the computer. I’ve always thought of my photography as art. I don’t enjoy it as much anymore with my Cannon 50D. Anyone else feel the same?

  4. analog: of, relating to, or being a mechanism in which data is represented by continuously variable physical quantities; being a timepiece having hour and minute hands.
    analogue: something that is analogous or similar to something else.
    They are actually just different spellings of the same word, but it seems the former tends to be used for describing mechanisms while the latter compares one thing to another.
    And I agree there is no term for describing nondigital cameras, since digital cameras can be SLRs and mechanical means the camera contains no electronic parts (same argument for analog).

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